Skincare Enigmas III

Hello again! I wanted to keep everyone in the loop on how everything was going with my skin care routine. I used the Clarity Rx products up until the end of May and then decided I needed a new approach. The Clarity Rx products were good, but my skin only felt great about 50 percent of the time. These products may be amazing for someone else, but for me, they weren’t accomplishing what I needed them to do. So I took a jog down memory lane, trying to remember a time when I felt like I had clear skin… then I remembered that in early 2015 I purchased a set of Dermalogica face products, and from what I could remember, I had no issues with them. I went to and searched for the Dermalogica products I had used before. Then I remembered why I had stopped using them, they are pretty pricey! But hey, at this point I was desperate for some relief and I was willing to shell out a couple hundred bucks for some quality skin care. Here’s my receipt:


It didn’t hurt that Ulta offered me free shipping and a couple of free Dermalogica goodies!

I received my package on June 1st and started using them that day. I am not kidding you, within a couple of days, my face started to clear up. It was like my face was thanking me for finally using top shelf products. Now that I’ve been back on Dermalogica for a full 28 days, my face looks and feels so much more fresh and clean. I am so happy! On my next skin care post I’ll post pictures and a detailed description of my routine.

Stay tuned…



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