To run or not to run?

As part of my attempt to create a healthier me this year, I decided to try to participate in the occasional 5k every now and then. So far this year, I have completed one 10k and three 5ks. The last one was took place this past Saturday, December 17th. The high for the day was projected to be around 76°, followed by an arctic front forecasted to arrive in the late evening hours. The 5k was scheduled to start at 4:45 P.M., so I figured by the end of the run, the temperature would still be in the high 50’s. Well mother nature had other plans in store for the 600+ walkers and runners participating in the Cowtown Speedway Candy Cane Classic. The cold front came in early, way early, and around 1 P.M.,  our beautiful 70° Texas weather abruptly dropped 20 degrees. As I drove to the 5k location, the thermometer in my vehicle read 40°, and then 38° when I arrived. OH BOY! This was wasn’t going to be pretty. I can barely run in normal conditions, much less frigid and ice-cold windy conditions. I participated with a group of ladies; our Team Leader named us the Sleigh Belles. Cute, huh? The first mile and a half was brutal…I tried to run but the wind whipped across my face and said “oh no you don’t”. So I walked as fast as I could until I reached about the second and third miles where the course was a partially covered concourse. There I was able to do a little jogging and I made up some time. And that’s just an estimate on where the miles were because I was too cold to check. The last 5k I did in November took me 41 minutes. This one, my friends, took me a blistering 53 minutes. It was freezing and I reconsidered going through with it many times. After the run, I was numb and quickly went to my car to blast the heat on my legs. It took me about six hours to warm up afterwards. But I am glad I did it.

Here is a picture of us gals; I am the shortest one on the end.


Thank you ladies for the motivation! I couldn’t have done without y’all!

And our Team Leader, Dana, was awarded third place! GO DANA!

Here is a screenshot of the weather forecast for that day


We’ve already signed up to do another 5k at the end of January – fingers crossed this one doesn’t come with a cold front!

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