Magic Potions?

In my sometimes underactive (pun intended) attempt to find my new “normal” I’ve purchased hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of over the counter products. This includes health drinks, weight loss pills, vitamins, BCAAs, protein drinks, etc. Some I’ve loved and some I’ve hated. After my thyroidectomy, I gained approximately 15 pounds in one year. I topped out at 179 and on a 4 foot 10 inch frame, that’s a lot of weight. With diet and exercise I managed to bring it down to 147 this past spring, but sadly I have gained about 11 pounds back. My current weight is 158. I try (emphasis on try) to exercise 2 to 3 times a week, which includes boot camp, the stationary bike, and the occasional circuit equipment, elliptical and treadmill. Still, it’s hard to stay focused on my diet and have the energy to get to the gym. I want to sleep… all the time! Which brings me to my newest, most exciting discovery. (Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional, I do not sell these products, I am just a consumer trying to find the holy grail to feel “normal”.)

After seeing commercial after commercial for Sero-Vital, OTC supplements to help induce one’s natural production of HGH, I started to do some research. What if a higher HGH would help me with my thyroid absence woes? After watching you tube videos on Sero Vital, I came across a youtuber who was sold on Ageless Foundations Ultramax Gold, which is an amino supplement to support natural HGH production. More energy, better skin, better sleep and overall health? What do I have to lose? Well today’s the first day I am trying this exciting product. To be clear, I am not trying this product as a weight loss solution, but I am hoping if I am able to naturally increase my HGH, I’ll have more energy and motivation to get to the gym. Some extra stamina during my workouts would be nice also.  I’ll keep you posted on my findings.

The UltraMax is an orange flavored powder you take with 8 ounces of water. Here is their site along with the fabulous youtuber who reviewed it:

Ageless Foundation

Yoga GirlsWorld

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