After the complete thyroidectomy, I spoke to three different doctors, who felt it was in my best interest to get me on a regimen of levothyroxine, aka Synthroid. I did as I was told, and yes, it did the job on supplying my body with the necessary thyroid hormone to live, but I still didn’t feel quite right.

During one of my stays at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in Phoenix, AZ, I spoke with a Young Man who was being treated for throat cancer. Unfortunately for him, his thyroid became a causality during his cancer treatment. In order words, it was fried. He told me if I wasn’t feeling satisfied with my Synthroid I should seek another medication, Armour Thyroid. Armour (for short) is a naturally desiccated thyroid hormone, which contains T3 and T4. I kept his advice in mind, meanwhile sticking with the Synthroid regimen. But I didn’t feel like myself. I was cold, even in a hundred degree weather; sleepy, tired, body aches, brain fog, forgetful… the list goes on and on. So finally, the third doctor, sweet as could be, finally agreed to let me try the Armour. Yes, it took a few months and many blood tests to get the dosage right, but it was completely worth it! I felt almost like my old self again, closer than I did when I was on Synthroid. I admit, I am not completely my old self again, but it’s the closest I have come to it to this day. Yes, I still have occasional issues with energy and body temperature, but it’s less frequent than before.

In my book, Armour has greatly improved my sense of well-being. If Synthroid is working for you, I think that is awesome and you should continue it. BUT if you are not satisfied with it, I strongly recommend you become an advocate for your health, ask questions, do your research and ask your doctor to let you try other options (aka Armour). It may not work for everyone, but hey, its worth a shot right?

Thank you, Mr.Young Man at CTCA. I owe you so much, and I will always remember you.

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